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We Believe Art is Therapeutic

There are so many people suffering from mental health issues that go undiagnosed and ignored. As a society we don’t foster environments that encourage expression enough. Art in its many forms can be a form of expression. Someone suffering from depression, anxiety, or one of the many other mental health disorders may turn to painting, or music to help them cope. We encourage that, along with seeking help from a licensed professional. To give back to our community we’ve created the Beyond the Art program that allows people to be expressive and design images for our t-shirts and sweaters. Each design chosen receives lifetime royalties from all sales, as well as recognition on our website and social media. In addition, we want to give back to our local schools and community centers. That’s why we donate a portion of all the Beyond the Arts proceeds to programs in underserved communities. 

Interested in getting involved? Send and email to with the subject line “Beyond the Arts”